Infant’s Room

(0 - 2 years)

Our practice in the nursery room is greatly influenced by the Pikler approach, and the Montessori philosophy to raise healthy babies. The Pikler approach is based on renowned Hungarian pediatrician Emmi Pikler’s research into gross motor development and emphasizes treating babies with respect. The Montessori philosophy which we base our teaching on means that we create an environment that gives your infant the freedom to explore and discover while learning.

Here are our guiding principles:

Simply said; Dr. Pikler reminded us that babies are unique individuals and we should treat them as such.

Toddler's Room

(2 ~ 3 years)

Toddlers are naturally inquisitive and busy; our programme for toddlers has taken into account for them not being fully independent, curious, their short concentration span and their love for getting involved. Inspired by the Montessori Philosophy, toddlers get to practice and discover skills they enjoy mastering, setting the perfect foundation for a lifetime of self-help skills, individual learning and intrinsic motivation. The Kea room is equipped with all the resources needed to motivate children to learn, encourage them to develop their skills, and prepare them for the classroom environment.


We also understand that toddlers are still young, that’s why it is still important for us to be there for them and support them in situations that they are unable to resolve yet. We will encourage them to develop friendships and try new things. We will also ensure that we are there to support them when they need us.

How do we achieve this?

Preschool Room

(3 ~ 6 years)

Preschoolers come in all shapes and sizes; they are full of ideas and energy and they have an eagerness to discover new things. At this age, they are hungry for new information and experiences and the opportunity to try out their ideas. They are also eager to show us what they understand about the world and what they can do, and they often need recognition for their effort. Based on the Montessori Philosophy; we offer children the freedom to move and explore, giving them a hands-on experience and creating opportunities to learn and develop at their own pace. Children have an array of choices when it comes to resources they can use in their environment, and engage into a Montessori work cycle, which means they have an uninterrupted learning process where they do something they like whilst being deeply engaged.


We also encourage our preschoolers to share their knowledge with peers or someone younger, we believe that when they are passing on their knowledge, they will gain recognition and self-confidence.

How do we achieve this?

Our Motto

We focus on children’s contribution to their own learning and encourage them to share their knowledge with others. We believe that educators are children’s partners in learning and that children have the ability to plan and direct their own learning. So listening, observing, interacting, and learning is at the centre of our programme.


Develop a positive attitude towards learning.


Love and care for one another.


Believe in themselves and others.


We are committed to provide quality care and education for young children.