How to Choose a Child Care Facility?

In our previous blog, we had discussed the 10 things you should look for when choosing a child care for your kid. In continuation to the same series, we have got a few additional points covered in the article to follow. These points will further guide you on why child care centres are a good idea for your kid, what should child care or day care facility additionally include, and how Mighty Minds makes for the best day care centre.

After having done intense research, having talked to numerous parents and having paid a visit to multiple child care centres, what are some additional ways to make up your mind about zeroing on one? Here are some additional methods to help you through this tiresome process-

  1. Think and rethink about the caregiver

Your first way to choose the correct day care center from the shortlisted few is to research, notice and think about the caregiver who will be assigned to your kid. On your visit, how did they appear to you? Were they engrossed with other children? Did they pay attention to the kids there? How did your child feel in their company? Did he/ she appear comfortable and happy or were they nervous and stressed?

The answers to the above questions will help you eliminate and further shorten your option list. This is because the caregiver is the second most important priority after the day care center. Your child will be spending at least half of their day with the caregiver and hence they should be comfortable in their presence. Moreover, both of them should be able to communicate their thoughts with each other and the caregiver should be able to impart them good values and skills.

  • Drop by unannounced and observe

This time when you visit the care centers make sure you don’t book an appointment! This will be a reality check for you. It is because when you drop in unannounced you will be able to observe what the real culture of the child care center looks like. Moreover, you will also be able to notice the fellow kids and the activities they are indulging in and how the staff there is interacting with them. if possible, you should pay multiple visits to the day care centers at different times of day to get well acquainted with their routine. This will indeed help you while deciding upon a day care center.

  • Build a repo with the caregiver

If you have decided upon a certain day care center or two, then you should interact and build a repo with the caregivers. You should communicate with them as often as you can and discuss about your kids, their habits and the challenges you have faced with them. Try to talk to them about any of the health or diet issues your kid is facing. Tell them more and more about your kid and let them offer a solution. Does it suit you and your kid? If it does, then there you go!

  • What does your intuition say?

As a parent your gut feeling is your strongest sense and hence you know what is best for your kid. If something just does not appear right for you though it does for others then you know that you have to head out. Your kid deserves the best nurturing and care. No one knows it better than you do and so for once, ask your intuition and see where it takes you.

  • Embrace changes

You have to build an attitude that is open to new changes. If you have made a mistake while choosing a day care center in the past then accept them, learn from them and move on with the lessons. Constantly blaming yourself or your situation is not the solution. Parenting often brings with it new lessons and you need to buck up for that. Learn, re-learn and unlearn from your mistakes and make sure to give your kids the best you can.

As you go about selecting a day care center for your kid, don’t forget that you are the primary caregiver for your child. Day care centers are your companions and can definitely help you bring the best in your kid. Looking for one? Then contact us today!

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