9 Critical Questions about Safety to Ask Your Child Care Provider


With Covid-19 changing life courses and the entire world at its mercy, children have been affected mentally much more than adults. They have not been able to attend schools, socialise or meet their friends for a long time now. The situation has now started taking a toll on their mental health. Frustrated kids can be very annoying and it is actually better to encourage them to visit their day care centres. Here is a list of 9 critical questions which can lead you to take this decision for your kid.

  1. Why are day care centres open in spite of Covid – 19?

During any pandemic or viral infection, it’s our perspective that kids are the most vulnerable and at risk. But the Covid- 19 data speaks for itself. Studies suggest that children aged under the age of 10 years are half as likely to be infected by Covid – 19 as other adults. And in case they do, their chances of developing fatal symptoms are very minor.

  • Would it be wise to send my kid to the day care centre amidst rising Covid – 19 cases?

With the pandemic everything is at risk, even basic everyday activities like going out for groceries or taking your kids to the nearest park. Hence sending your kid to a child care centre depends on your tolerance for risk and your requirements.

What we do best is strive to maintain a clean, safe, healthy and happy environment for your child with all the necessary precautionary measures to provide a safe place for your child during the trying times.

  • How will we maintain social distancing, especially during the lunch hour?

We are no longer holding group lunch hours. We have come up with a solution to make kids sit together and yet apart from each other. We have created properly distanced classrooms wherein your child will sit together with other children during the lunch hour but social distancing will be maintained during chair placement. Sanitization and cleaning is also done from time to time.

This way your child can enjoy the lunch hour as well as stay safe.

  • What is our strategy to limit the spread of infection?

We have strategized to divide the classrooms in further smaller groups. This way the kids get to interact with their teachers and friends as well as the risk of infection is reduced. If anyone gets the virus, then the entire group is closed until everyone recovers.

  • How can you trust us since you are not allowed to enter the classroom?

Since, we are only allowing kids and staff to enter our classrooms these days, you can be doubtful about everything claimed here. But we will interact with you on a regular basis via phone calls or emails to keep in touch and build this trust. Moreover, seeing your child healthy and happy is our way of proving all that we are claiming to provide.

  • How will Mighty Minds help my child feel better overall?

Being surrounded by peers and teachers, being able to mingle and play and have fun will definitely make your child smile and laugh. This is because children are social creatures.

  • How will Mighty Minds benefit my family?

At Mighty Minds, we are committed to not only your kid but also the parents. We understand how difficult parenting can get and hence, here we are. We will try to support you and your kid with all our heart. We know that the times are difficult and hence our dynamic, cheerful and inclusive child care culture is the need of the hour.

  • What happens if someone in the centre is tested Covid – 19 positive?

We never take any risks and hence we close. We then connect with the health department and once the centre is cleaned and safe for everyone to enter, we re-open.

  • How do we maintain hygiene to limit the spread of Covid – 19?

Proper and timely cleaning, use of disposables, sanitization and asking everyone to wash their hands very often helps to maintain squeaky clean and safe environment for children and teachers alike.


At Might Minds, we assure you and your kid healthy and happy days. We strive to keep our commitment towards child care strong!

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