Do Children Really Need Preschool?

Preschools can be defined as early educational centres where your kids get multiple opportunities to learn and pick up new languages and skills, develop their personality and get a kick-start on their academic journeys. Preschool is indeed like a trial run for kids to practice going to school and experience school life beforehand.

Let us first understand how preschools are different from day care centres since these terms are often confused with. While day care centre enforces on caring and looking after your children since you have your businesses to take care of, preschool is a lot different especially in its motive. Preschool is much more academically inclined and focuses on making the transition to nursery or primary schooling easier for your kid by imparting them required education and skills.

Let us now have a look at the benefits of preschool. And of course, there are many! Here goes:

1. A kick-start to their school life:

Preschools are a great way of getting your kid started and bucked up for the world of schooling and academics. This is because a good preschool always aims to make learning more fun by having an interactive and burden-free curriculum. They have activities to offer and then there are lessons to be learnt. Moreover, the school timings are very less as compared to a full-time educational institution. All this along with a very vibrant culture and teachers nourish a child, makes them fall in love with learning and makes them all set to take on the academic world.

2. Setting a routine:

Sending you preschool can be very beneficial since it designs a day-to-day structure for your kid and determines that your child follows it. Thus, it brings about a structure to their life. This helps them learn the importance of discipline very early on.

3. Easier transition to schooling:

When the time comes to finally attend school, your kid will not be intimidated by the sudden changes. In fact, they will be prepped up and enjoy the transition which has come their way. This is because they will know tit-bits of what to expect and how to go about studying and having fun at the same time. This is definitely one of the biggest advantages of a preschool.

4. Physical, emotional and all-round development:

Preschool has a lot to offer aside from academic benefits. These include physical development of your kid as well as emotional growth. A ton of activities, especially the sporty ones not only introduce your child to this arena but it also helps their mind and body develop in a healthy and happy way. What’s more is that they develop sportsman spirit while also having a lot of fun. Further, bonding and sharing with friends and teachers helps them develop emotional bonds and understand relationships.

Aren’t these too many benefits for you and your kid to be heading to a preschool next? Not only this, research also shows that the kids who start early tend to complete their graduation and stay confident and competitive and eventually more successful in their academic careers as well.

We at Mighty Minds believe that parents and teachers can together work to bring out the best in a child. But to top it all it is very important that a child gets a happy, caring, positive and an open environment to learn and grow in. This will ensure that they feel happy, safe and find people around them to be warm and approachable. This will enhance their growth and personality. Hence, you should always look for these features while looking for a preschool. Feel the vibe it is giving you and you would know if this is the place or not! More than the look the feel of a place and its staff is of utmost importance since these will ensure what the foundational years of your kid look like.

At Mighty Minds, we are committed to the children and keep them at the centre of our institute policy. We provide a healthy and happy environment for your kid to be at and develop. We are a child care centre they will look forward to. For our day care centre and related enquiries you can visit us at: https://mightyminds.co.nz/contact/.

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