How Your Older Child Can Benefit From Afterschool Care?


Let’s first understand the intent of the afterschool care and what it offers. When children are in their school years, it is important to focus on their social and academic skills, behaviors, future goals, and dispositions towards achievement. In order to develop those skills, after-school care programs can play a crucial role in a child’s life.

Every child has their own needs – after-school care programs will help children build self-confidence, offer them growth, and foster independence. In today’s article, we discussed how the concept of after-school care could benefit your older child.

Benefits Your Child Gets from Afterschool Care:

The right after-school care program helps your child turn their aimless hours after regular school into futuristic and productive learning. Here, we listed down some high-quality benefits offered by the after-school care programs for your older child.

1. Create a sense of belonging

If you still now explore the after-school care programs for your child, it is the right time to do it as these programs help your child make some new friends apart from the regular schools. Extra activities apart from school can offer some break to your child from any social concerns or usual cliques.

The child will feel more included and part of the group once he joins the after-school care programs. After-school care programs often have adult supervision than playground time offers.

2. Improve social skills

If you enroll your children into the right program, they can gain the maximum benefit from afterschool care. A good afterschool program builds respect, support, and cooperation in your older child which helps children to feel secure about starting any conversation or making a part of any social games.  

Also, these kinds of programs can offer a social outlet to your older child who might be craving for the same.

3. Provide academic support

After-school care programs take care of extra activities for your child and boost your child’s academics.  Such programs are one of the most efficient solutions for those children who are somewhat weak with their homework or lack the patience in doing the homework by sitting down late.

4. Make learning more fun

School care programs offer classes of different activities such as reading and discussion classes, sports classes, art classes, creative classes, etc. In such sessions of different activities, students do not have the pressure of the examination.  It is just the fun and easy way for your child to enjoy their area of interest.

Apart from these fun and arts activities, they also offer sessions on computers and science, which help children, identify their future core interests.

5. Provide safety and supervision

We can see in our society that many children at an early age feel depressed and move towards the wrong activities such as drinking, taking drugs, committing crimes, etc.

After School care programs are one of the safest and finest options for children who think and learn with different aspects, and these programs keep the child busy with interesting and fun activities to make them feel happy.

According to some of research taken, it is shown that children of after-school care are more likely to get better grades and have very few behavioral problems.

6. Build confidence

We surely came across a child who might be good at many things but always lacks confidence and struggles to learn the challenges. For those children after-school programs will be more forgiving than school.

This may not be the high stakes, but being part of after-school programs, children can feel or show the more willing to try their hand on new things and find themselves comfortable taking more positive risks. After-school programs can lead your older child to higher self-esteem.


For you, finding the right afterschool program for your child will always be the key.

In today’s modern world, society demands expertise in everything for your child. Being a parent, you can’t let them sit back and assume that textbook learning will be enough. At the older age, your child is at the age of specialization and can’t afford to miss out the window of opportunity.

Enroll your child in one of the best after-school care programs and take the most advantage out of it. We at Mighty minds offer a happy, friendly, and healthy environment for children and help them develop their interest skills with our after-school care programs.

Being a daycare center, we encourage children to grow, learn, play, read, and get their hands on new things. We help children to develop a positive attitude and help them to set futuristic goals. Contact us! Explore our daycare programs.

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