Is your Child Ready for Play School?

Are you also determining whether your little one is ready for play school? We know it is not that easy because there is no checklist of must-have skills in kinds to go to play school. Every child has different development rates, but there are a few hidden areas that we can see and decide whether children are ready for play school.

Today, we discuss some of the signs that make it clear that preschool should be a child’s near future. But, here we need to note that these signs are not mandatory; children might still be ready for preschool if they miss out on any signs.

Let’s have a look at these signs one by one

Remember, these signs are based on the situations, but we know our child better. Decide according to that.

Children should be completely potty trained

It is a prior and most important sign that we need to check; a child must be potty trained to go to playschool. It allows children to have fun in playtime and avoid the embarrassment of going in their pants. Don’t need to be worry if the child still needs help while washing up. That’s not uncommon, and even accidents can also happen. It is less embarrassing for children and even we too supported at this level.

Children should be independent

We know that 3-4 years children could not do everything on their own, they need a guide to solve the problems. But, little independence is the key to knowing whether children are ready for play school or not.

When children join the playschool, they do little projects or play games with other children; it helps to develop independence skills in children.

Many play schools have different set activities such as drawing periods, building-blocks area, interaction time, etc. play school makes the child independent enough to decide their interest area without the help of teachers.

Children should be expressive

One of the crucial signs that we need to check is that children must express themselves to unknown people in such a manner that they can understand the expressions.

Here, we don’t mean that children must speak fluently, but at least they have an appropriate way to deliver their feelings and needs. It can be any kind of gesture, word, sign, or use of technology.

Also, we need to know whether the child can understand the other’s instruction or not. A basic understanding of words must be required for children to be ready to go at play schools such as “follow me” and “sit down.”

Ability to concentrate

Concentration ability varies from child to child, but it is one of the signs that help you know whether a kid is ready for play school or not.

A kid is perfectly ready for play school if s/he can pay attention while reading a picture book loudly. Generally, a normal activity at a play school is only 10 to 20 min long. Children need to concentrate during this period.

Also, Preschoolers have to follow the instruction without distracting from given tasks. It is understandable if kids can be distracted a little bit. Especially in the earlier days of children at playschool.

Kids should be emotionally strong

We need to check a few things related to emotions to know whether our kid is ready for play school. We need to check the ability of our kids to say goodbye to us without any anxiety. Yes, it is acceptable if a child might be a little nervous. But if a child will cry the entire day at playschool, it will not be the right sign.

We know that many children will cry on the first day or even throughout the week. But, emotionally strong kids are more willing to go to school and have fun there.

Kids must have strong stamina

Kid’s mental and physical strength is very important, which makes them ready for preschool. Children who do not have a habit to follow routing or being engaged can find themselves struggling in preschool.

We can even know whether kids are ready by following their nap schedule. If they need long sleep, they are not good to go. We need to manage the kid’s naps schedule to get them ready for preschools.


In short, we need to do a PIECES analysis of our kids. Yes, Potty trained, Independence, Expression, Concentration, Emotion, and Stamina. But, we need to keep in mind that every kid has their own individual. Based on who they are, we can decide whether a child is ready for play school or not.

We know you are more concerned about your child. So, We at Mighty minds offer a friendly, healthy, and joyful environment to your children. In the earlier day of the child at playschool, we took more care of them and helped them to develop different skills. Contact us to explore more.

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