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At Mighty Minds, we’re more than just daycare and childcare, we’re childhood experts. Inspired by Montessori and Pikler methods, our passionate team fosters joyful learning, confident explorers, and lifelong curiosity.

Ready to spark a love of learning and build a strong foundation for their future?

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Infant’s Room - Perfect childcare for the little one

(0 - 2 years)

Curious about respectful early learning for your infant? We blend the Pikler approach’s freedom with Montessori’s joy of discovery. Turning our childcare program into an exciting routine of baby playfully exploring, building confidence, and learning at their own pace. Our warm, stimulating environment offers open-ended play, sensory adventures, and respectful care, letting their natural curiosity bloom. Come and see how our Glenfield, Auckland daycare fosters playful learning and healthy development!

Here are our daycare & childcare guiding principles:

Toddler's Room – Best Time to start early childhood education

(2 ~ 3 years)

Imagine your curious explorer, bursting with energy and soaking up the world. Our toddler program celebrates their natural inquisitiveness and short bursts of focus. Inspired by Montessori principles, we create a vibrant landscape in our daycare  where your child can explore, experiment, and master skills at their own pace.

Our “Kea room” though with careful childcare planning flows with engaging activities, open-ended play, and sensory adventures, all designed to spark their curiosity and build confidence. We understand toddlers still need a guiding hand, so our nurturing teachers provide gentle support as they navigate the early education. . Every playful discovery becomes a stepping stone towards lifelong learning and a love for exploration, laying the foundation for a successful early childhood education journey.

Here are our daycare & childcare guiding principles:

Preschool Room – Pinnacle of Montessori schooling

(3 ~ 6 years)

At Mighty Minds Educare, we nurture their unique talents and fuel their curiosity through a vibrant ECE program inspired by Montessori philosophy.

Children are natural researchers, and our thoughtfully designed classrooms offer them the freedom to explore, experiment, and learn at their own pace. Whether immersing themselves in hands-on activities or choosing from an array of engaging resources, each day becomes an exciting adventure.

Inspired by the Montessori approach, we empower children to lead their own learning journeys. They engage in uninterrupted “work cycles,” deeply focused on activities they enjoy. This fosters independence, builds confidence, and strengthens their understanding of the world.

And because learning flourishes alongside connection, we encourage children to share their knowledge with peers, fostering cooperation and self-esteem. Watch your little explorer blossom in our supportive environment, laying the foundation for a successful preschool and lifelong learning journey.

Why children loves to be in our preschool?

Our Motto

We focus on children’s contribution to their own learning and encourage them to share their knowledge with others. We believe that educators are children’s partners in learning and that children have the ability to plan and direct their own learning. So listening, observing, interacting, and learning is at the centre of our programme. So, if you are looking for best Daycare & Preschool in Glenfield, Auckland Contact us today  or visit our  discover the Mighty Minds difference!


Develop a positive attitude towards learning.


Love and care for one another.


Believe in themselves and others.


We are committed to provide quality care and education for young children.

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